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Komuso is the original creator. Beware of counterfit knockoffs.

Cuff Shift


The Cuff Shift is a simple and effective breathing tool disguised as a sleek, elegant versatile bracelet. Similar to our breathing necklace, the Cuff Shift can help you reduce anxiety, lower stress, and breathe better.

The design is the perfect marriage of form and function. It’s a surprising source of calm, a practical yet revolutionary tool, and a statement piece that goes with any look.

  • 316 high grade stainless steel
  • Shift pendant measures 2” in length, supports 10 second exhale
  • Sleek design allows for an easy open and close cuff that secures the piece on your wrist
  • Designed by breath coach & psychotherapist
  • Whisper quiet so you can use it anywhere

1 Komuso Shift Bracelet

1 Microfiber pouch (to store and keep your Shift secure)

1 Komuso "how to" guide... it's as easy as 1,2,3

1 unique QR code for your free TKM course

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Cuff Shift


Clinician recommended & trusted by users

83% of customers have reported less anxiety and increased calm

30 seconds for vagus nerve to calm the nervous system

79% of users recommend and/or gifted it to a loved one

Breathwork improves your health & reduces anxiety.

83% of users report less anxiety and increased calm

30 seconds for vagus nerve to calm the nervous system

79% recommend and/or gift it to a loved one

Why should I breathe better? It's simple.

The Shift was inspired by the Komuso monks of 17th century Japan who created the tradition of blowing zen with a meditation tool. Simply put, they understood that breathing deeply transforms the way you feel. Our necklace inherits that wisdom and adapts it to modern culture by helping us breathe to slow things down.

So How Does It Work? It’s Even Simpler.

All you have to do is breathe through it. Whether you’re feeling anxiety or about to deal with something stressful, you blow through the breathing necklace to create a long exhale which immediately starts to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. After about three breaths, you feel that sense of calm. Get ready to say ahhhhhh, a lot.

Where did this come from?

We used to think having a busy mind was just part of life. But we needed a break from that busyness. That’s when our therapist introduced us to an old straw breathing technique developed by monks. Within seconds we could feel it working which led to a wearable idea. Within a few years, the idea of a breathing necklace has helped over 200,000 busy minds transform how they feel. Are you next?

And people are loving it!

Customer Reviews

Frequently asked questions.

Can I just breathe on my own?

Yes, but we don't. Consistency is essential. The Shift is a practical tool and daily reminder to breathe better.

Won't a straw work just as well?

A straw isn’t as clean and it isn’t specifically designed to extend your exhale to 8-10 seconds, which turns off your stress response.

Why is the Shift so expensive?

Designed and tested by a psychotherapist, the Shift is made of surgical-grade steel, extremely durable, and easy to clean.

Plus, with your purchase of a Shift you get our TKM course for free.

Can I pay with my HSA/FSA?

Komuso is now FSA and HSA eligible! ⁠This means you can take full advantage of your pre-tax dollars to support your health journey with Komuso.⁠If you contribute to an FSA/HSA and have available funds, you can simply checkout through that option after you add a Shift to your cart.

Just breathe through it.

Just breathe through it.

Just breathe through it.